G O W R I   S H A N K A R A    P E E T A M

        Gowri Shankara Peetam is a sacred place near Badrinath Dham. This Peetam was established by the deathless Siddhashram Kriya Yogi called Mahavatar Babaji. It is a mysterious hidden cave not visible to the human eye. The inmates of the Gowri Shankara Peetam are the most sacred and powerful yogis living there for hundreds of years.  It is a part of Siddhashram in the Himalayas.

Babaji had established this Peetam for helping humanity and to realize God resulting in the Universal vision of love.  It is a divine paradise from where Universal love is transmitted from here.  Where there is pure love there is Babaji. The great vehicle of Babaji’s mission is Sadhana Kriya Yoga. Sadhana means a systematic practice., the practice of the five-fold path of Kriya yoga.  The motto to spread Kriya Yoga to the world is self-surrender and service. Surrendering the ego consciousness before the feet of God. Surrendering ego consciousness is inviting a Universal vision of love. Selfless service without attachment to the fruits or results of the action (Karma). It is a transmission station relaying the inspiration and love from the Himalayan Broadcasting Station in Gowri Sankar Peetam., in every sphere of activity. The location and activities of the Peetam were described by Sri V.T.Neelakantan from Madras in May 1954.  He visited twice with his astral body and described its activities.

Badrinath Dham is one of the most sacred places on Earth.  It is one of the Char Dhams in the Himalayas.  Bhadrinath Dham is the abode of Lord Vishnu after Vaikuntam. Sacred Himalayan river Alakananda flows touching the feet of Lord Vishnu. It is a most sacred place for Hindus. The idol of Lord Vishnu is worshipped there. Bramha kapala is another sacred place near the temple of Badrinarayan., on the banks of river Alakananda. It is the place where Shraddha karmas will be performed for Pitru devatas (departed souls). Nearby there is a place called ‘Mana’ where River Saraswati flows. It is that place where Sage Vyasa had written ‘Bhagavatkatha’ in a cave called Vyas Guha. Mana is the last Indian Village nearer to Tibet border.  The entire Himalayan ranges around Badrinath temple are considered most sacred for Hindus from time immemorial.

The Ashram is situated near the temple town of Badrinath in an area surrounded by sheer rock cliffs of all four sides with a row of caves at their base. The largest cave belongs to Babaji. In a corner opposite the cave are two waterfalls. The residents of the Ashram will make use of the largest waterfall for bathing purposes. The smaller one is used for drinking purposes.  Oath the streams of waterfalls will get together and fall down through a tunnel-like opening. Even though there is no visible light source, the whole area is well lit day and night. A mysterious force keeps anyone from approaching the Ashram closer than a mile.  If anybody unknowingly approaches the Ashram, a loud voice will be heard not to approach the Ashram. As a result, nobody can enter the Ashram without the permission of Babaji. The residents were sitting in a circle in front of the Babaji’s cave for eating a meal. All of them use white clothes only., except for Babaji. Their faces are radiant and expressed great joy and happiness. The residents include the sister of Babaji, named Mataji Nagalakshmi Deviyar., also known as Annai. She is fare skinned and strikingly beautiful., with a thin frame. Annai Nagalakshmi Deviyar is in charge of organizing the Ashram and serves the residents of the Ashram in various capacities. She serves the vegetarian meal of a yogic lifestyle. She is the great devotee of Lord Krishna and worships  ‘Tulsi Devi.’ (Plant ). During the ceremony of  ‘Paada Poosai’ i.e, the worship of the feet of Babaji, she will do it in a ceremonial way.

The other residents included several men with long beards and a former Muslim ruler, a heavy sot western lady and a girl of ten years of age, and Swami Pranabananda.,(Amman) the saint with two bodies. He serves as a source of spiritual inspiration and guidance for many students and also supervises the care of the Ashram garden. Both Amman and Annai have reached have attained the deathless state of Sourabha Samadhi. They will assist the students in the Kriya Dhyana Yoga techniques and assists the Kriya Sadhaks to tap their great potential for intellectual inspiration. Babaji, Annai, Amman serve as great examples of self-surrender.  They are virtually living embodiments of divinity. All the residents will wake up at 4:00 AM in the early morning and do their yogic practices or Sadhana and Homa regularly, after taking their bath.

Gowri Shankara Peetam is a Heaven on earth. It exists in the hearts of the devotees of Babaji. His physical Ashram remains inaccessible because Babaji prefers to work silently through his devotees or disciples, helping thousands of devotees and millions of souls to evolve at their own pace.  Babaji has re-established or revived the ancient method of Kriya Yoga in this Kali Yuga, which was disappeared from Dwapar Yuga from Lord Krishna.  Now the art of Kriya yoga is slowly spreading throughout the world.