Sacred Kartika Masam


The utmost sacred month Kartikam is devouted to all Gods and Goddesses in Hindu tradition, especially, very much dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.   The full moon of this holy month Kartikam is associated with Krutika Nakshatram, therefore, the month is known as Kartika.  Krutika nakshatra is illumined as fire, so this stellar is called ‘Agni Nakshatram’.  Kartika month is mainly famous for holy bath, Japam, contributions, and offerings of Diyas at temples.

Kruttikadi Bharanyata Nakshatostya Architodaya

Nakshatraisti was told in Holy Vedas which means worshipping deities of all Nakshatras (astronomical stars) by performing Yagna (Holy file) starting with the name of Krutika Nakshatram, which is regarded as the first star in this process.  Krutika Nakshatram is the birth star of Lord Kartikeya, he is popularly known as Devasenapati, also the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.   According to sacred Shastras, ”Agnimukhavai Devaaha” all Gods and Goddesses are worshipped and pleased by performing Yagna in this pious month, with this rationale, people across the country faithfully follow this month.

People adore Lord Shiva on this Kartika month as Kartika Triambakeshwara and Ma Gauri accepting Nakta vratam on Mondays exclusively this month.  This entire month is well-known for Ma Parvati, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Subrahmanya.   Doing puja for Lord Shiva with the leaves of the Buw tree (Bilvam) is considered as most sanctified act.

Vaarayajnam,  according to Siva Puran by following Vaarayajnam for this whole month is considered as extremely pious.  Vaarayajnam means worshipping Graha Devata and Adhi Devata of a day in a week, i.e., for Sunday Graha Devata is Surya Bhagavan and Adhi Devata is Lord Shiva, likewise for every day in a week.  By practicing Vaarayanam for the whole month of Kartika one can get rid of Graha doshas.

Damodara Puja, on the first day of Kartika month Damodara puja is performed, adorations performed this month are done to please Lord Damodara.  Damodara means one who kept all worlds in him.  Yashoda Mata tied Chinni Krishna to mortar to punish him for his fray deeds.  With this avatar, Lord Krishna freed two Yakshas Nalakoobara and Manibhadra from their form of two large trees.   Meditating on the form of Lord Damodara means he would liberate one’s soul to salvation.  And also one who abide to do Ekadasi vratam head start their journey for a year i.e., from Margasirsha Sukla Ekadasi to Kartika Suddha Ekadasi.

Tulasi Aaradhana for this whole month is a very sacred deed by the way of lighting diya at Tulasi tree.  Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Dhatri Vrukasham.   Kartika Suddha Ekadasi is called as “Praboda Ekadasi”, most of the people not eat on this full day and in the evening done Dhatri Tulasi Vartam.  Kartika vanabhojanam is very much famous for doing puja at Dhatri Tulasi trees and carry out a feast by eating food at the trees.


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