Sarahan is a remote Himalayan village in Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for the Bhimkali temple, originally called as Bhimadevi temple.  Bhimkali is the presiding deity there.  This place is famous since the puranic period.  In Puranas, it is identified as Shonitpur.  It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas.  This village is also known as – The Gateway of Kinnaur.  This place is about 170km from Shimla.

Sarhan Bushar has been the summer capital of the Bushar kingdom.  Sarahan is nearer to Old Indo-Tibetan road.  It is at an elevation of 2100 meters. i.e., is 6900ft. from sea level.  The temple was constructed in the Kushan style.  This temple was made of wood and stones interlocked, which is a unique style.  It is about 17kms. from Jeori town on NH 22.

This temple is very beautiful and peaceful constructed in a wide area.  Sarahan village is on the top of a high mountain surrounded by green Deodar and pine trees and apple gardens.  Rare medicinal herbs are available there.  The winter is severe here i.e., 0 to -7 degrees centigrade.  The winds are very cool and high speed. The old Bhimkali temple is locked and the old idol of Mata Ji is not open to the public.  The present temple is multi-storied and newly built by the king of the Bushar kingdom.  The temple complex includes the shrines of Lord Narasimha, Bhairavnath, Raghunath ( Lord Rama), Ganesh Ji, and other deities.  The temple appears like a palace. Durga festival is celebrated here every year and thousands of devotees will attend the festival.

Sarahan village is the gateway to Srikanth Kailash peak, which is situated on the other side of the valley.  It is one of the Panch Kailash peaks.  Many other snow-capped peaks are seen in a row, shining in different colours in the morning and evening. The peak is about 17,150 ft., height.  It can be reached by trekking only.  There is 80 feet height rock Shiva lingam on the top of the peak, and the trek can be opened for 15 to 20 days only in the month of July every year. The trek is about 35 km from Rampur.

Sarahan is worth seeing the place.  It is a beautiful and peaceful remote Himalayan village loved by one and all.