(The Wonderland On Earth)

Manikaran Dham has located in Parvathy valley on the river Parvati.  It is in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh state.  It is about 35km from Kullu and 4km ahead of Kasol, a small town on the river bed.  It is about 1760 meters above sea level.  Manikaran Dham is famous for hot springs.  There are many hot springs in and around a 25kms radius.  Many temples of Siva and Parvathy, Rama, Krishna, Vishnu, Maruti, and many other deities in the town.

Manikaran Dham attracts many tourists not only Hindus but also Sikhs.  Manikaran town is beautiful and peaceful.  The entire Parvati river valley is beautiful and scenic with high-raised Himalayan peaks.  Water will flow at high speed down the valley.  It is a religious and pilgrimage center.  It is a peaceful and calm town, having hotels, restaurants, lodges, rest houses, and dharamsalas, facilitating the tourists to stay at night.  A beautiful Siva temple was constructed by Raja Jagat Singh in the 17th  century.


The legend says that Lord Siva and Parvati while roaming in the Himalayas, were attracted by the beauty of this place and stayed there for some period.  While they were walking on the riverside Parvati’s’ one of her earrings fell in the riverside. In spite of the long search, the earring was not found.  The jewel was picked by Seshanaag and disappeared.  Lord Siva grew angry and pierced his trident forcefully into the earth.  A big hot spring sprang up where the trident was pierced by Siva in the earth with fury.  Afraid of Lord Siva Taandavam with fury, Seshnaag shot up the earring through the water in the hot spring.  From then onwards the diamonds like Parvatis earrings started floating in the hot spring.  So that place is named Manikaran.  The floating of diamonds like earrings in the hot spring stopped from the 1905 big earthquake.

Prior to the earthquake hot water in the hot spring used to spring up to 10—15ft height.  Now it is slowed down.  While walking in the street we can find many hot springs gushing above ground level spreading hot water vapours all around.  For the safety of pilgrims, iron nets were provided around the hot springs, and bricks were placed in the hot springs so as to subside the gushing of hot water.  Vishnu kind is the purest water spring in Manikaran where many tourists dip in that kind, as the water in the Kund cure many diseases, especially skin problems. But the water is free from sulfur.  Kualantpeeth in Manikaran is said to be the most sacred and superior of all the piths in India and it is believed that Lord Siva and Parvati stayed there for some period.

After crossing the river on a bridge on the other side of the river, we can find a huge Gurudwara constructed on many floors. There is a big hot water pool for taking a bath.  Thousands of rooms were constructed so as to provide accommodation to the Sikh pilgrims.  Food (Prasadam) will be served to all Sikh pilgrims.  Legend says that the founder of Sikhism Sri Gurunaanak ji came to this place along with his disciples on Aug 15, 1574, Bikram, so this place is sacred for Sikh pilgrims also.  Later so many Sikh gurus visited this place.

This place is also famous for trekking of Kheer Ganga in Parvati valley.  Trekking starts from Kasol and Barsani.  This place is also famous for river rafting.  Many youngsters from far-off places will be attracted to this place.

Manikaran Dham is one of the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.  It is worth seeing the place.