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Lord Shiva linga

Sivakori is Lord Siva’s sacred cave. In that cave, Siva lives with his family in the Linga form. It is a sacred cave for Hindus. That cave is situated in Jammu-Kashmir state in a district called Reasi, and in a village called Ransoo.  The cave is situated near Ransoo on a mountain at a height of 3.5 km. That cave is situated at a distance of 140km towards the north of Jammu city. From Ransoo village one can reach Sivakori cave by walk or by horse or by Doli.

Near the cave, there is a sacred river by the name Doodganga flowing down the hill.  Kori means cave.  Sivakori means the cave of LordSiva. It is an ancient natural cave situated from time immemorial. Previously there was a narrow path between two big boulders leading to the sacred cave. Now due to the increase of devotees the path is widened. Now it is easy to enter the cave.

There is a wide space inside the cave. Drops of water are falling continuously from the roof of the cave. Drops of water are falling continuously on Siva linga which can be given as teerth to the devotees. There are white horizontal lines on the roof of the cave, which are said to have formed due to Abhishekam performed by Lord Indra and Demigods with milk on sacred Shivaratri day.

The devotees will also perform Abhishek to Lord Siva and offer gifts like sweets, flowers, etc., to Lord Shiva and redeem their vows. The river Doodganga ‘s water is as pure white as Lord Siva, unlike other Himalayan rivers. There are other gods like Parvathi, Ganesh,  Nandi, etc., in symbolic form in the cave. Now we can see only a part of the cave and the other caves are filled with water which we can not see now.  A big festival is performed every year on a Shivaratri day for which lakhs of devotees will attend.

There is a belief that there is a tunnel way to Amarnath cave temple from Sivakori cave. Now the Sivakori cave is under the administrative control of the Sri Matha Vaishnodevi Kshetra board. They are providing facilities to the devotees of the Sivakori cave. Many devotees of Matha Vaishnodevi cave will also visit the Sivakori cave which is worth visiting.

Jai Hind