Part Two

vasuki tal

Shambala, in Sanskrit, means – The Source Of Happiness.  It is a most sacred and secret world unknown to mankind.  Gyanganj is a most beautiful and divine hermitage surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, many hundreds of varieties of beautiful flower plants, delicious fruit-bearing trees, Vapi, Koopa,  Tataakas, streams, lakes and ponds and sacred rivers Kalpa Vrikshas, Kaamadenu, Paarijaata plants, etc., are also there.  There are no stars, Sun, Moon, and galaxies there.  Only milky white light available everywhere all the time there.

There are three important areas of teaching and research available there relating to Hindu mysticism known as – Gyanganj, Siddhas Vignan Ashram, and Yoga Siddhashram, where advanced yoga sciences are taught.  Yoga means union between soul and God. Yogi – means one who unites with God.  The Ashrams are under the command of three supreme masters (Yoga Siddha gurus).  They are Mahavatar Kriya Baba Ji, Langooriya Baba ji, and Phulheri  Baba Ji, in the Yoga Siddhashram area.  All are always in the samadhi state, enjoying Paramananda., in their Ashrams.  Those who enter into the Ashram will at first cut off from mental and physical bondage with the world.  Most of the Yogis and Acaryas are living there for hundreds and thousands of years., with physical or subtle bodies with a mass of bright light at their wish and will.

In Siddha Vigyan Ashram the principal deity worshipped there is Aadi para Shakti., also known as – Maha Tripura Sundari. Dasha Maha Vindhyas are also worshipped there.  They are – Kaali, Taara, Shodasi, Chinnamastha, Bhairavi, Dhoomravati, Bhagala Mukhi, Matangi, Kamala, and Bhuvaneswari.  Dasamahavidhyas are taught and worshipped in Siddha Vignan Ashram.  The first three great bits of knowledge viz., Kaali, Taara, and Shodasi of the DasamahaVidhyas, the holy trinity, represent every day to day life in the form of – Itcha (desire), Jnana (knowledge ), and Kriya (action) Shaktis.  These are very important in every one day to day life.  The other seven Maha Vidhyas play a secondary role in everyone’s life on earth.  Many Yogis (students)  undergone training under the guidance of Acharyas in faculties like -Surya Vignan, Chandra Vignan, VayuGaman, Geography, Astrology, etc.  Yoga sadhanas, advanced sciences, Spiritual sadhanas, and research are taught and learned there in different Ashramas and monasteries.

Siddha Vignan Ashram is a scientific research center of advanced yoga, where sixteen kinds of sciences are taught, Important sciences among them are – Solar sciences, Universal planetary sciences, Science related to Time, Air, Sun, Moon, Space, and gravitational forces, etc.,  All the sciences involve very much understanding of different kinds of Energies and the level of courses are very advanced and still unknown even to our modern-day world.  Each scientific system has many departments or branches and each department has separate well-trained Acharyas living there for hundreds and thousands of years.  Students are well trained to stay one with God until they become one with God., and do His work.  Women Yoginis are also found there.  Apart from the above areas, there are few Hindu tantric monasteries, where advanced Shakti teachers and students live learning and practicing Agama and Nigama systems.  The deities worshipped here are Kaali or Aadi Para Shakti. Jain and Buddhist monasteries are separately existing.

There are many branch Ashramas in the Himalayas under the roof of the main Siddhashram. It controls the entire universe spiritually and safeguards the safety, welfare, and peace of the entire world.  It is the pinnacle of Gyan (spiritual knowledge ), and Vignan (materiel and scientific knowledge ).  It is a holy and eternal world of immortal human beings, Paramahamsas, Gods, and Godmen.  It is a secret and sacred world free from human bondage, time, space, and religion.  Time and space will not affect the physical bodies in the eternal plane, till we enter back into the earth’s gravitational force.  The Yogis and Paramahamsa there live with their astral bodies.  They will fly and travel in the sky with their Astral bodies hundreds of kilometers within no time.  They can even travel to other planets also.  They can create delicious and hot food of ones desire within minutes to any number of people., but they don’t need any food.

Most of the ancient Maharshis like Vashisth, Viswamithra, Markandeyan, Gowtama, Agasthya, Kapila, Bharadwaj, Angirasa, and YaagnaValkya and many other Yogis and Maharshis, Paramahamsas are also living there since time immemorial.  All of them are keeping an eye on the happiness, peace, safety, and security of the people of the entire world and correct them from time to time.  Many Russian and German dictators tried to disturb the peace and security of the world taking power into their hands but in vain.  They returned with empty hands bowing their heads down without any help from Siddhashram.  Our Godfathers are there to protect us always in need.  They are always watching the Nuclear world, correcting and protecting us so, don’t worry.