All Siddhashram Yogis are the sons of  Siddhashram.  Some of them are ancient, Puranik, Historic, and Modern.  Still, some Yogis are living in this modern world.  But they are unknown to modern man. They are unknown to the public.  They are hidden in themselves.  Some are hidden in deep caves of the Himalayas and some in deep forests, doing deep meditation.  All are watching the world.  At the end of this Kali Yuga all of them will come out and establish a golden era., i.e., Satyayuga.

The Hindu mythological Chiranjeevis (they are eight immortal persons ) like Markandeya, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Parashurama, Ashwatthama, Ved Vyasa, Kripacharya, and Bhalichakravarty are among them.  There are also many eternal Siddhapurushas viz., Sapta Rushulu in Hindu mythology. They are -Atri, Bharadwaja, Gowtama, Jamadagni, Kashyapa, Vasishta, and Vishwamitra.  Like Saptha Rushulu, there are also many other Rishis like Kapila, Angirasa, Brighu, Marichi, Pulaha, Pulastya, Kratu, etc. Besides them, there are Manuvas, Prajapatis, Maha Chakravarthis, Paramahamsas, Yatis, Avadhutas, Munis, and Yogis, etc. all are the sons of Siddhashram.  It is believed that there are seventy-two great Maha Yogis of all Sects of the world-ruling and controlling the Universe and above them, one great Maha Yogi is supervising all of them.  Millions of great people of all sects from millions of years are living in Shambala or Siddhashram controlling the entire Universe.

Shambala is the central point controlling the Universe.  Many religious sects of the world believe that Mt.Meru or Sumeru is the central point of the entire Universe.  Mt.Meru is no other than Mt.Kailash., as per many religious texts.  There are many great people still visiting Siddhashram and coming back gaining spiritual knowledge in many walks of life.  Some of them are staying there permanently after their death.  But very few such people are known to the modern world.

Some of the great modern people who visited Siddhashram and come back with gaining spiritual knowledge are – (some of them passed away in the past century ) —Mahavatar Baba Ji (still living since 2000 years), Lahiri  Mahasaya, Swamy Visuddhanand Ji (GandhaBaba ), Shree Shakti Mataji, Sree Haidi Khan Baba, Shree Rama Sharma Ji, Sree Trilinga Swamy Ji, Shree Anand Maayi matha Ji, Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Ji, Shirdi Saibaba Ji, Sree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhpur Nath Ji, Shree Ramana Maharshi Ji, Sree Hajrath Taajuddin Auliya, Shree Narayan Dutt Shrimaali Ji, Sree Guru Nanak Ji, Sree Devaraha Baba Ji, Madam Blavatsky, Swamy Nityananda Baba Ji, Paramahamsa Sree MahaTapa Ji Maharaj, Sree Nemanand Ji, Sree Bhriguram Ji, Sree Gnanananda Ji, Sree Abhayananda Ji, Sree Pranabananda Ji, Sree Dariya Nath Ji Sahib, Maha Tapasvi  Sri Kumara Swamy Ji, Sree Trijata Aghora Ji, and many many other known and unknown people.  There are persons still living, who are hidden in themselves.


Swami Shyamanand Paramahamsa is also one of the  Acharyas in Siddhashram. He is one more important disciple of Maharshi Mahanthapa. He is the chief of the Science faculty in Yogashram.  He got profound knowledge in Natural Sciences.  He will teach Natural Sciences to the students.  Solar Science,  Lunar Science,  Astronomy, Astrology and Etherial Science, etc., will be taught give training in all those subjects.  Solar Science is the most important science among all other subjects.  Swami Visuddhananda Paramahamsa had undergone training in Solar Science under Swami Shyamanand Paramahamsa.  He became an expert in Solar Science.  He is the first person from Gyanganj who had introduced Surya Vignan to the public on earth.  He had exhibited so many experiments and Yogic feats in Solar Science in public meetings and gatherings and made people known about the importance of Solar Science in day-to-day requirements in life. Surya Vignan is also related to Yoga Science.  Swami Shyamananda is aged about more than five hundred years and still alive.  Natural sciences include  -Surya Vignan (Solar Science), Lunar Science (Chandra Vignan), Vayu Vignan (wind Science), Nakshatra Vignan (Astral science), Shabda Vignan (Science of sound), Jala Vignan (Science of water), and Kshama Vignan (Science of time), etc., Gandha Baba (Swami Vishuddhanand Ji) had undergone training in all the above sciences under Swami Shyamananda Paramahamsa Ji in Gyanganj Yogashram. Solar Science (Surya Vignan) is the topmost science among all other sciences. Siddhashram is the center for all types of sciences, Yoga, and other spiritual studies.


Sri Gnanananda  Paramahamsa is one more close disciple of Sri Maharshi Mahatapa. Paramahamsa Gnanananda was the chief Administrator of Gyanaganj Ashram. He had supreme Supernatural Spiritual powers, extraordinary Supernatural powers.  His age was more than eight hundred years. About seven hundred years back, the present Gyanganj was called Ancient Indrabhawan. He was the person who re-established ancient Indrabhawan into the present stage as Gyanganj Ashram or otherwise called Siddhashram.  Even before the resurrection of ancient Indrabhawan into Gyanganj  Ashram, He had already acquired Paramahamsa position or status. At that time his age was about one hundred years.  He is one of the chief disciples of Maharshi Mahatapa.

YOGA ASHRAM is an important part of Gyanganj-Siddhashram. Yogashram occupies about 16 km area, situated in the western part of Tibet., surrounded by hill ranges on all sides. It has a rampart (walled city) on the outside having beautiful arched bridges across it. There was a deep ditch around the Yogashram full of water (Kandakam) in it. There are two independent faculties in Yogashram, taught in two different blocks. The two faculties in Yogashram are – Yoga and Science. The Yoga faculty is under the charge of Swami Briguram Paramahamsa and the faculty of Science under the charge of Swami Shyamanand Paramahamsa. The overall in-charge or Chief Executive is Swami Gnanananda Paramahamsa.  The overall head of the organization is Maharshi Mahatapa. The above Paramahamsas are intimately connected to Maharshi Mahatapa. It is a very well organized Institution., and its inmates are very much disciplined., unlike on earth.


Paramahamsa Briguram was the head faculty of Yoga in the Ashram. He was aged about 800 years. The Head of the Gyanganj Ashram was Paramahamsa Mahatapa in the line of Yoga. He was aged about 1500years.  He had no physical body. He will travel anywhere (to any country or to any planet ) in space with his astral body or Spiritual body.  Swami Vishuddhanand got his Yoga training directly from him. He is the Chief Administrator of all the monasteries under the jurisdiction of RajaRajeshwari Devi. He is wholly and solely responsible for their upkeep, maintenance of law and order, inspection, conducting of examinations, and supervision.

The heartfelt prayer waves from the distressed souls are caught by his ears immediately and he has the capability of instantly appearing before them in human form. Swami Bhriguram Paramahamsa had unobstructed access to the innermost recesses of the mind of the disciples. His mode of travel is ‘flying through space’. His feet would not touch the ground. He is the only Yogi on the face of this earth who can go up to ‘Surya-Loka’. His body is no longer composed of the five elements nor of the five Koshas (Pranamaya, Gyanamaya, etc.). It is a supernatural divine body.


This great Swami’s insight was responsible for detecting the latent spiritual greatness in Bholanath and leading him up finally to become a Paramahansa. When Bholanath lost all hope of life and had excruciating pain due to the poison of a mad-dog-bite and had come one evening to the Hoogly river to get drowned, this was the Swami who had saved his life. Again after two years Bholanath and Haripada traveled all the way from Burdwan to Dacca and met him. When they entreated him and showed great keenness to tread the path of Yoga to become Yogis, it was he who brought them along to Gyanganj. Swami Nemanand Ji is also amongst the foremost disciples of Maharshi Mahatapa and is a realized Yogi endowed with supernatural powers. Paramhansa Swami Nemanand Ji is also Guru of Param Poojya Mahatapsvi Shri Kumarswamiji.

Jai Hind !!!