S R I    M A H A R S H I    M A H A T A P A

Sri Maharshi Mahatapa is the Chief Head of Gyanganj Ashram.  His age is about 1400 years. He won’t take any food.  He won’t even take air and water also.  Long back He reached Godhood. Time and Space have no effect on him.  On his wish, he can travel anywhere, any country, any planet in the air at any time.  He will be always roaming in hills, caves, and hermitages (Mutt).  He will now and then visit Gyanganj Ashram. Sometimes he installs the idol of Rajarajeshwari Mata in a Mutt or a cave and stays there worshipping years together happily. There are so many Mutts and caves that are meant for famous Yogis and Rishis in the Himalayas. They are within the premises of Gyanganj Ashram., similar to Gyanganj.

Mata Rajarajeshwari Devi is the chief deity in all Mutts. She will be worshipped in all Mutts. Maharshi Mahatapa will be moving to all Mutts and caves frequently. He won’t stay anywhere for a long time. Sometimes he will visit Manohar Tirth in the Himalayas.  There he will take darshan of Gurumata Kshepa Mai.  He will pray for her and offer so many salutations to her. Generally, he will observe silence (Mounavratam) and observe complete silence and peace at that time.  At that time he will immerse in complete Dhyana Samadhi.

All his disciples in Gyanganj have aged more than few hundreds or even thousands of years.  The chief disciples among them are — Paramahamsa Swami Briguram Ji, Swami Nemanand Ji, Swami Shyamanand Ji, and Swami Gnananand Ji, etc.  He will take the astral body to give darshan to his disciples and to travel anywhere he likes.

Swami Briguram Paramahamsa is the Priya Shishya of Maharshi Mahatapa.  He is aged more than five hundred years. He is the chief of the Yoga branch in Gyanganj Ashram. Swami Vishuddhananda Ji undertook training under him in Yoga Marg.  He is the chief of all Mutts and Caves where the idol of Raajaraajeswari Mata is worshipped in Gyanganj Ashram of Himalayas. He will supervise the administration and training of Yoga in all such Mutts and Caves.  He will solve all problems of the trainees and their doubts and difficulties in training. He will immediately travel by air and assist his disciples in their problems and difficulties.  He is the only Yogi who visited Surya Loka and come back.  His body is not made of Pancha Bhutas and Pancha koshas.  His body was not an ordinary one. It is magnificent and divine.

There are many such yogis and Rishies in Gyanganj Ashram.