S R I  T R I J A T A   A G H O R I  J I.

       Sri Trijata Aghori Ji was tall and strong.  There was a Great Tantra Master in  Siddhashram in the Himalayas., by the name of Paramahamsa Swami Sri Satchidanand Ji. He was the founder of Siddhashram. He was also Sanchalak (Secretary) to Siddhashram. At his command, only Deva Shilpi Vishwakarma had designed and constructed Siddhashram. He was the supreme master in Tantra Vignan.  He gave initiation in Tantra Vignan to three great yogis – Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Swami Nikhileswaranand Ji, and  Sri Trijata Aghori Ji in Siddhashram.  You can read about Sri Mahavatar Babaji from my previous articles.  Sri Nikhileswarananda Ji was none other than  Sri Dr. Narayandatt Shrimaali Ji. It was his Sanyasa Ashram name in Siddhashram in his previous life.

Sri Trijata Aghori Ji appears fearful to the outsiders and behaves cruelly with angry looks.  But he was very kind and childlike towards his disciples and inmates of the Ashram. Sometimes he appears very angry and some other times he was very kind and loveable. Those who move with him closely can understand him properly and claim that he was the kindest person ever seen.

Sri Trijata Aghori Ji was the greatest Aghori in the field of Tantra and had guided many youngsters in the field of Tantra. As a Guru, he gave training in high-level advanced Tantra techniques to many people.  Even though he existed for many centuries nobody knows about his life particulars.

Paramahamsa Swami Raahuleswaranandji had the great fortune to live with this great Guru.  He was sent by Baba Khappernath Ji. When he was asked about his experiences with Trijata Ji, at first he kept silent and then broke out that he was tough for outward appearance, but he was very kind enough and lovable towards him and his disciples. He was a unique master.  He will do what he likes. There were many stories circulated about him.

Sri Trijata Aghori Ji re-discovered the Mrutha Sanjeevini Vidhya (living up the dead), but the divine master shared this great Vidhya with the selected few.  Very less is known about him. But indeed he was a great master in Tantric Vidhya. His whereabouts are not known. He was a great Siddhashram Aghori, who lived many centuries., and guided many people in many ways in Siddhashram.

Mt. Nagarjuna was the most remote part of the Himalayas in Tibet i.e., present-day China. It is a part of Siddhashram in the Himalayas. This Mt.Nagarjuna was at a high altitude and the surrounding mountains were always covered with snow. But Nagarjuna mountain was different from the surrounding mountains. It was always green with all sorts of vegetation and high-grown Devdar trees.  Mt.Nagarjuna was very convenient for human habitation. It is not known whether it is the same mountain in the name of a famous Buddhist Monk Nagarjuna, who lived on Nagarjuna Konda in Krishna river in Andhra region, who hailed from Tibet in bygone days.  It was a mysterious mountain. Nobody can climb it.  But, Sri Trijata Aghori Ji still lives on that mountain for the last 150 years. Nobody can climb the mountain unless Trijata Aghori allows him to do so. He had appointed two huge white lionesses to keep a vigil on the mountain all the time. The lionesses won’t allow anybody to approach the Trijata Aghori Ji. The lionesses had driven out even the Chinese military personal., even though they had attempted several times to climb the mountain to meet Trijata Ji. These two lionesses created by Trijata Ji mercilessly attack anybody who attempted to climb the mountain.  But these lionesses are too gentle like lambs to the inmates of the Trijata Jis Ashram. Trijata Ji sometimes takes milk from them and distributes the milk to his disciples.  The milk was so powerful and energetic.