Siddhashram, Gyanganj (An Abode of Immortal Masters) a home for immortals, is said to be hidden in a valley in the remote Himalayas at Mount Kailash area, Northeast to Lake Mansarovar of Tibet in modern-day China and is known as the Shangrila Valley.  Shangrila Valley is known as Siddhashram by our Hindu texts.

In Tibet, this legendary land of Spiritual Enlightenment is known as Shambala, a Sanskrit word that means “the source of happiness”. It is a mystical kingdom that guards the most sacred and secret spiritual teachings of the world, including the highpoint of Buddhist wisdom.  Various Buddhist texts give instructions for finding Shambala, though directions are obscure. It is assumed that only accomplished yogis will find it.

The full knowledge of the planet earth is still shrouded in mysticism to a great extent. A subtle world exists on earth, which is still unknown to mankind to a great extent and cannot be easily understood with prevailing physical sciences. Siddhashram has beautiful waterfalls crowning into a pure and divine lake known as “Siddhayoga” which has very advanced therapeutic properties. Many hundred varieties of beautiful flowers keep blooming all year round in this area along with a variety of delicious fruit trees.  “Kalpa Vriksha” (the tree of immortality) exists in this place, where one can fulfill all his heartfelt desires. The fruit of this “Kalpa Vriksha” resembles the abstract form of “Sri Yantra” and nobody is allowed to take them out of this Siddhashram area. One such fruit was brought out by one of the great masters after getting permission from Siddhashram Yogis.

This Siddhashram is inhabited by a great number of advanced Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist mystical masters (Yogis), since times immemorial, due to its extraordinary characteristics and properties.  The advanced masters do not permit every human being to enter this valley, they create some kind of energy shields that make this valley hidden from the rest of the world. There are colonies related to Hindu and Buddhist mystical spiritual sciences. The whole valley is shrouded in milky white light all the time which is neither due to the Sun nor due to the moon. In the area, there are phosphoric plants that can give desired light on voice commands. There are three important areas related to Hindu mysticism such as “Gyanganj”, “Siddha Vigyan Ashram” and “Yoga Siddhashram” where these advanced sciences are taught. All the masters of Gyanganj and Siddha Vigyan Ashram, including Shaivite and Shakti Tantriks and Jain & Lama Tantriks, worship the great cosmic mother which is the giver of energy and energy is the basis of the existence of everything. In Yoga Siddha Ashram also known as “Siddhashram”, students are trained to stay one with God until they become one with God and do His work, acting like angels to keep harmony and balance on our planet earth and beyond. ”Yoga ”means union between soul and God, and ”Yogi” means one who has joined with God. This Ashram is under the command of 3 supreme masters; Mahavatar Kriya Babaji, Langooriya Babaji, and Phulheri Babaji. In the Yoga Siddha Ashram area, all masters have their own little hermitages containing huts made out of the grass where they remain fully absorbed in their state of Samadhi. The masters of the highest level can only be noticed like a condensed bright light with a body appearance.

It is possible to reach this land of Siddha’s, only if one can raise himself up to a great height spiritually and takes his mind off the mental and worldly bondages. The teachers of these universities are constantly looking for rightful students who have become Yogis by awakening their “Kundalini Shakti”

The area of Gyanganj is also known as “Gyanganj Mandi” or a spiritual marketplace. It is an area where the inhabitants obtain things required for advanced practices in their respective monasteries. Siddha Vigyan Ashram is a scientific research center of advanced yoga. In this center, sixteen kinds of sciences are taught; the most important being solar sciences, universal planetary sciences, sciences related to time, the science of air, the science related to sun and moon, the science related to space, the science related to gravitational forces, etc. All the sciences involve a very high understanding of Energy. The level of courses is very advanced and still unknown to our modern-day world. Each scientific system has many departments and each department has separate teachers. Most of the teachers are hundreds of years old, though some of them are thousands of years old also. They are able to stay in their spiritual bodies which appear like a mass of bright light, while their physical and subtle bodies remain separate. The main deity worshipped in Siddha Vigyan Ashram is the great “Parashakti” also known as “Maha Tripur Sundari”, the third great knowledge of Dasamaha Vidhya.

God decided to create creation, before our world existed in the universe, there was nothing but a vast deep dark space. The knowledge of the creation of our universe is hidden in the ten great bits of knowledge of Sanatan Dharma, also known as “Dasa Maha Vidyas”.  Their respective names are Kali, Tara, Sodhasi, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhoomavati, Baglamukhi, Matangi, Kamala, and Bhuvneshwari. This dark space of our universe stays in this state before and after the cycle of creation and destruction. The creation and destruction of this universe happen from time to time as we can notice many new stars being born as well as black holes being created in the galaxies. Black holes come into existence after the death of a star. This particular phenomenon happens due to the existence of black energy described by the word “Kali” ( Kali means black or time) in the Sanskrit language. The understanding of this phenomenon is embedded in the advanced knowledge of the ten great bits of knowledge and is called the knowledge of “Kali” or “Kali Vidya“. This is taught under the syllabus of universal planetary sciences in Siddha Vigyan Ashram.

These ten creative and preserving forms of Mother Nature or the great knowledge of supreme energies, considered as Mother Goddesses by all Hindus due to their unique similarities to our physical mothers in their respective nature. The first three great knowledge, “Kali”, “Tara” and “Sodhasi”, of these ten Maha Vidyas, always stay active on earth in everyday life chores of all living beings. These are present in a holy trinity form representing all matter in the form of electrons, protons, and neutrons. These three are represented in every form of life through “Icha Shakti” (desire), “Gyan Shakti” (knowledge), and “Kriya Shakti” (action) respectively.  In the process of creation or destruction, a strong desire is always required, and to perform such an action, this role is played by the divine energy “Kali”.  In the universe, all these ten energies are equal in all respects, though their roles are different, on earth, the first energy “Kali” is the sole reason for our creation or destruction, and having such great power, it is known as “Maha Kali”.

Once a great desire to perform has been attained, good knowledge is required to carry out that action, and this role is played by the divine energy “Tara”. This word originates from the Sanskrit word “Tarak” which means liberator. This great knowledge is also known as “Neel Saraswati” the blue goddess of knowledge. Being a great source of knowledge to all living beings, she is called “Maha Saraswati” (Saraswati means the holder of good) and she is always present in our mental body in blue color at the base of the spinal cord or “Mooladhar Chakra” as “Kundalini Shakti”.  Due to the widespread force of “Tara” on earth, our planet appears blue from outside and is known as the “Blue Planet”.

Once, thorough knowledge is gained, it opens the door for the performance of an action. This action is played through the role of “Sodhasi” and as such, all the actions taken by all living beings to preserve and safeguard are due to this third great divine energy is also known as “Maha Laksmi”.

The rest of the seven great Vidhya, play a secondary role in our life on earth, being supportive of the first three. For example, “Kamla” gives a helping hand to divine energy “Sodhasi” and “Bhairavi” gives a helping hand to “Tara”. All these seven great Vidhyas are usually understood by the advanced spiritual masters who utilize them individually for the benefit of mankind. For common humans, only the first three great vidhyas are sufficient for their existence.

Gopinath Kaviraj Ji, the renowned Sanskrit scholar, wrote a book titled Siddhabhoomi Gyanganj, which has been translated from Bengali into Hindi, published by Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan. Kaviraj Ji’s main source of information was his own guru, Swami Vishudhananda Paramahamsa.  Vishudhananda Ji is believed to go many times to Gyanganj where he mastered Surya Vigyan, as well as Vayu Gaman.  Surya Vigyan gave him the power to manifest objects or transform one object into another by manipulating the sun’s rays. In Autobiography, the venerated Saint Yogananda describes his meeting with Gopinath’s guru Vishudhananda Ji in Calcutta and witnessing firsthand Vishudhananda’s feat of creating any perfume on demand out of thin air.


S H I V L I N G   T E S T

There are certain rules and regulations one must follow after entering Gyanganj Ashram. Every inmate must follow those rules and regulations as laid down by the Head of the Ashram. Paramahamsa Mahatapa was the Head of the Ashram.

As per the rules of the Gyanganj Ashram for those who enter as celibate to the Ashram have to spend 12 years to complete their training and two years as Sanyasi.  And thereafter he has to spend some time in pilgrimage.  After completing his training every yogi has to undergo a test namely the ‘Shivling Test’. This test was done through a Shivling which was located in the Lotus Chakra. This is the main Shivling of Gyanganj Ashram. Paramahamsa Briguram Ji will conduct this test.  This procedure was narrated by Paramahamsa Swamy Vishuddhananda Ji (Gandha Baba) to his disciples in the presence of Kaviraj Gopinath Ji in Kasi.

Paramahamsa Briguram as an Administrator, of the Gyanganj Ashram, will keep the Shivling on his head. During the test, the yogi should remove the Shivling from the head of Paramahamsa Briguram and had to be placed in its original position. One has to take Sanyasi Ashram after training was over. A new name will be given to a Sanyasi in place of his previous name. Then only he will be allowed to visit the physical world, with due instructions to follow in the physical world.




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