Shayana Ekadasi

Lord Vishnu

Ashada Shuddha Ekadasi is celebrated as an auspicious day throughout India by all Hindus.  It is also called as Toli Ekadasi, Shayana Ekadasi, Ashada Ekadasi and Devsayana Ekadasi etc.,  The Telugu word ”Toli” means ”First”, among the 26 Ekadasis of a year (including two which occurs in Adhika Masam) Toli Ekadasi is the First Ekadasi.  On this pious day, Lord Vishu go for Yoganidra in Ksheerasagara on Adishesha till Kartika Shuddha Dwadasi (Utthana Dwadasi).

From this day onwards Chaturmasya Diskha is obtained by Sadhus of various mutts, four-month Vrata Diksha.  Toli Ekadasi is very much prized and adored by Lord Vishnu.  People from various parts of the country carry on fasting by participating in Japa, Dhyana, and singing Bhajans of Lord Vishnu till the next day i.e., Dwadasi (Ksheerabdi Dwadasi).  On this day GoPadma Vratam also performed in some parts of the country.  It is believed that people who follow Ekadasi Vratam would be freed from the birth and death cycle and get salvation.

In the month of Jyeshta, Maharashtrians begin huge religious possession towards Pandharipur known as Pandharipur Ashadi Ekadasi Wari Yatra to worship Lord Vittal (a form of Lord Vishnu). Pilgrims carry Palanquins with pictures of various Saints, ex:- Saint Tukaram, Saint Dhyaneshwar, Saint Namdev, etc., who adored Lord Vishnu with their prayers and hymns.

Legend:   According to Bhavishyottara Puran, once upon a time in the Kingdom of King Mandhata faced severe drought for years, but the Great King unable to find the solution for the drought then Sage Angirasa told the King to practice Ekadasi Vratam to please Lord Vishnu.  King does the same by the grace of the Lord his kingdom get rid of the drought.

King Ambareesha and King Rukhmagada followed Ekadasi Vratam in their entire lives and reached Vishnu Padam.




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